Travel warning: Caribbean islands issue state of emergency as Tropical Storm Beryl hits

Caribbean islands are bracing for impact from Tropical Storm Beryl later today.

Having downgraded from a hurricane, the tropical storm is expected to bring rainfall and high winds to many islands including Barbados, Puerto Rico and St Lucia.

Many of the islands are still recovering from Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster on record for Dominica and Puerto Rico.

Billions of pounds worth of damage was caused and the number of fatalities is still to be confirmed.

What is the latest travel advice for many of the Caribbean islands?

As of Sunday morning, Beryl was moving at 20mph with winds of 45mph.

It is expected to hit the south of Puerto Rico later today with possible 60mph winds.

Dr Joel Myers, founder, president and chairman of AccuWeather explained: “Any heavy rainfall is capable of causing flash flooding.

“This is particularly true in the places that get heavy downpours, especially low-lying and poor drainage areas.

“Heavy rain, of course, can always trigger dangerous mudslides.”


The island has issued a state of emergency and a curfew as of Sunday evening.

According to the FCO, it was issued: “as of 1600 local time on Sunday 08 July 2018.”

“The curfew will be in effect until 1600 on Monday 9 July 2018 unless otherwise lifted,” it confirms.

St Lucia

The Foreign Office has warned: “Tropical Storm Beryl is approaching the Lower Antilles region and a Tropical Storm watch is now in place for St Lucia.

“You should monitor local media for updates, and follow the instructions of the local authorities.”


A Tropical storm watch is in place with advice to “follow the instructions of the local authorities” by the Foreign Office.

Hurricane season runs between June and November so any holidays booked between this time should be made aware of the latest advice.

Flights are yet to be affected to many of the islands with no cancellations currently reported.

Puerto Rico residents have been taking precautions ahead of the storm following the effects of Hurricane Maria.

One Twitter user posted a picture of the queues at Costco as residents stock up with supplies, tweeting: “This is @Costco in Puerto Rico this morning before doors opened. No one taking a chance with #Beryl.

“It’s all anyone talks about wherever we go. I don’t blame them.”

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