Tonight at 10: Is travel insurance worth the extra cost?

MADISON, Wis. – Is travel insurance worth the extra cost? It might have been for this Madison woman. 

A Madison woman’s Call for Action over nearly $7,000 lost in a travel nightmare has her finally getting a refund six months later – but it has us wondering whether getting travel insurance is the lesson we should learn from her story. 

Michelle Christensen was still waiting for American Airlines to reimburse her that lost money at least a half-year after the whole ordeal began – until News 3 got involved this week.

Here’s the back story: 

Christensen’s father was battling a deadly illness last year when he requested that his children and their families take a dream vacation to St. Thomas over the holidays. But when the island was shut down after hurricanes hit, American Airlines refused to change her $7,000 plane tickets, saying because she bought them through a third party, the airline couldn’t reimburse her. 

The company ultimately changed her tickets to Florida after more money exchanged hands. But when Christensen and her family showed up at the airport, only her underage son was being allowed to board because managers said her tickets were no good. 

“Anger,” she said of the situation. “I was very angry. I knew that I’d paid for the tickets. I felt like the little guy the corporation was taking advantage of, and I feel like I didn’t have a choice because my father is important to me and this was important to him.”

American Airlines told Christensen this week it would fully reimburse her for the $7,000 lost in this mess – but would travel insurance have prevented any of this from happening in the first place?

Coming up on News 3 at 10, experts weigh in on whether the extra cost is worth the peace of mind and the support, should anything go wrong while abroad.

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