The details you may have missed in Apple's 'Gather round' iPhone event

Apple’s September 12 event revealed the Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. Together, the devices delivered plenty of big, new features to focus on, whether it’s the larger Apple Watch display and its ability to take an ECG, or the fast new A12 processor and improved camera in the iPhones.

But there are always other details waiting to be discovered during these events. They’re either mentioned in passing—blink and you’ll miss it!—or you’ll find them in the spec sheets or press releases. Sometimes those details are just as interesting than the headliner announcements, or even more so for those who watch Apple closely.

Here are a few of those little details we’ve uncovered since Apple left the stage on Wednesday.

No more Apple Watch Edition

Remember the all-ceramic Apple Watch “Edition” model that started at $1,299? Apple apparently struck it from the lineup. Apple still sells the Series 3, but not the Edition model. Now, all Series 4 Apple Watches have ceramic backs, and the sides and fronts of the cases are either aluminum or stainless steel.

apple watch hermes Apple

Don’t worry, you can still spend over $1,000 on an Apple Watch if you really want to.

Don’t worry: If you really want to buy an especially pricey Apple Watch instead of paying your mortgage this month, you can get a Hermès model–all of which are stainless steel and come with GPS and cellular connectivity, along with a fancy leather strap and a custom watch face. Those start at $1,299. You’re basically paying about $600 for an admittedly nice leather band and watch face.

Improved iPhone wireless charging

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X were the first iPhones with wireless charging. They started out supporting a charging rate of only 5 watts, but that got boosted to 7.5 watts with a software update.

Their successors may be faster. On the final spec updates slide during the presentation, we can spot the words “Improved wireless charging.” Improved how? Is it faster? Does it stay cooler when charging? Is it more reliable with a wider connection area?

improved charging apple event Apple

What’s this? Improved how? We want more details, Apple!

Apple probably means that it’s faster, though we don’t yet know how much faster. 10 watts seems to be the current “fast wireless charging” standard, though the Qi spec allows for a potential maximum of 15 watts.

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