On Dez, Jerry, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Beasley and Cowboys critics poop

FRISCO – The Dallas Cowboys receivers room, has, especially from the Dez Bryant era, a reputation for being acutely aware of what social media is saying about the members of that room. Some of this is as basic as moth-to-flame; I tweet a photo of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sitting alongside Bryant at Tuesday’s Jay-Z/Beyonce concert at AT&T Stadium knowing exactly the go-viral potential of it. … a get-together that occurred just hours after Dez buddy Cole Beasley stood in the locker room at The Star in Frisco addressing the the width and breadth and passion of Cowboys Nation.

Beasley — now that Dez is a concert-goer and a social-media commentator himself — may be the top dog in the receivers room now … and may be learning a lesson about the benefits and pitfalls of citizenship on “America’s Team” — especially after occurrences like Sunday’s season-opening 16-8 loss at Carolina.

“There are a lot of things people see and don’t understand,” Beasley said of Cowboys critics. “There is a lot of opinions out there about what we shouldn’t or shouldn’t do or how bad the group is. We can’t read and can’t care about it … One of the biggest reason you can’t listen to any of it … It’s all full of poop.”

Unfortunately, shielding oneself against such criticism seems easier said than done. Bryant remains a Twitter lightning rod. (And seat mate Jerry doesn’t seem to mind.) Terrance Williams occasionally responds to critics on Twitter, as does Beasley, who led Dallas in receiving on Sunday with seven catches.

The good news is that people care. The bad news is …

“The Cowboys in general are talked about,” Beasley said. “When there’s not a story, the Cowboys are going to be a story, on (national TV debate shows) ‘Undisputed’ or ‘First Take’ or whatever. They’ll find some way to talk about it.”

I asked Beasley if he thinks the criticism is more harsh regarding the Cowboys — or whether it’s more about the volume of criticism because of Dallas’ high profile.

“Maybe it’s (more volume), maybe harsher,” he said. “But when we do bad, everybody knows about it.”

Beasley concedes that playing for “America’s Team” and gaining celebrity also has its benefits.

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“Publicity, good or bad, you’re getting it,” he said. “So that helps in other areas. but the main thing we care about is winning football games. We have to focus on what we do and get better.”

Beasley insists that’s the case as the 0-1 Cowboys prepare to host the Giants on Sunday night.

“After one week, it seems like the whole world jumped ship, hitting the panic button already,” Beasley said. “But that’s not (the case with) us in this locker room, though.”

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