Moody, Mills ahead with over half of the votes counted (WGME)

Moody, Mills ahead with over half of the votes counted (WGME)

GORHAM (WGME) – Shawn Moody is the projected winner of the Republican primary for Governor of Maine, according to unofficial results.

As of early Wednesday morning, with 71% percent of precincts reporting, Moody had 56% of the vote. Garrett Mason had 23% of the vote, Mary Mayhew had 15% and Ken Fredette had 6%.

Moody was considered one of the front-runners in the field of four trying to lock down the Republican nomination for governor. He ran for the same office back in 2010 as an independent.

On Tuesday night, it was a full house at Shawn Moody’s namesake business in his hometown of Gorham, packed with family, friends and supporters.

He arrived at Tuesday night’s watch party a little before 7, being held at Moody Collision Center’s flagship location.

Throughout the campaign, he’s promoted himself as a regular guy, a Mainer and entrepreneur who’s run several successful businesses and is now hoping to run the state.

Moody cast his vote right in Gorham Tuesday morning, bypassing ranked choice voting and voting just once for himself.

Right now, Mary Mayhew, the former head of DHHS is in third, behind Shawn Moody and Garret Mason.

Mary Mayhew spoke to supporters at the Senator Inn in Augusta before leaving for the evening Tuesday.

Despite a large deficit in the polls, there was a lot of positivity in the room.

Mayhew is the former commissioner of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services.

She worked under Governor LePage for six years, stepping down last year in advance of announcing her candidacy for governor.

Tuesday night, Mayhew’s campaign spokesperson says she has not called any other candidates and won’t until more precincts are reported, but she told her supporters that her goals remain the same for the state of Maine.

“I will do everything I can to make sure that there is a Republican in the Blaine House next January,” Mayhew said.

Mayhew also expressed tremendous displeasure with the new ranked choice voting system.

She called it a scam and hopes to at least see it delayed.

On the Democratic side, with 71% of precincts reporting, Janet Mills had a narrow lead with 33% and Adam Cote had 28%. Betsy Sweet, Mark Eves, Mark Dion, Diane Russell and Donna Dion followed. This is before any ranked choice voting, since neither Mills nor Cote has a majority.

It was a full house at campaign headquarters where Attorney General Mills, her family, supporters and volunteers are all here watching the results come in. Really a riotous and loud crowd here cheering with any new, positive news coming in.

Mills said she’s happy with what she’s seeing and how the campaign went. She said a priority for her has been uniting what she calls “the two Maines,” and she said she’s made great progress on that front.

As a long-time public servant, Mills has been through many election nights but Tuesday night was different because of how the votes are being tallied in this ranked choice voting system. Mills says even though it’s new, she’s been here before.

“It’s like waiting for a jury to come back you know, I’m a trial lawyer, I’ve waited for many juries to come back and it’s the worst part of a trial really, but you have to be patient and I’m really OK with whatever the result is,” Mills said.

In Augusta, Democratic Candidate for Governor Adam Cote was watching the numbers come in with his supporters.

Cote is in a larger race compared to the Republican pool of only four candidates. At Cushnoc Brewery, some supporters say they believe Cote can pull ahead, with polls currently listing him in second place.

Earlier, Cote talked with voters in Auburn. The 20-year veteran says he is a fierce advocate for job growth and growing the state’s economy. He also hopes to beef up school security and provide better access to affordable healthcare.

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