Justin Bieber & Jimmy Fallon Photobomb NYC Tourists & No One Recognizes Them In Hilarious Skit

Too funny! Justin Bieber took time out of his summer of love with fiancée Hailey Baldwin to tape a hilarious segment in NYC’s Central Park for ‘The Tonight Show.’ We’ve got his wig filled antics with Jimmy Fallon that aired on Sept. 13.

On Aug. 14, Justin Bieber, 24, was spotted wearing an awful black wig, sunglasses, a dark mustache and oversized suit in New York’s Central Park, taping a segment alongside Jimmy Fallon, 43. Now viewers finally got to see what the two were up to on Sept. 13 when their Tonight Show bit finally aired. Jimmy rocked a similar outfit but with a blonde wig as the pair danced around to the Biebs’ hit “What Do U Mean” as passersby were none the wiser that they were in the presence of a pop superatar. The “Musical Photo Bomb” showed the guys running around in their outfits with no one recognizing them at all. At the end, Justin took off his wig to reveal his true identity as fans went wild.

Fans have been waiting anxiously for the seg to finally air. Thanks to everyone having a smart phone and social media, the taping was much buzzed about when it went down. After the cameras stopped rolling, the Biebs took off his wig to show his blonde locks pulled back into a pony tail and happily posed with fans for selfies while still wearing the suit. Even his five bodyguards backed off to let him shine with his Beliebers who lit up their social media with pics alongside the superstar.

Earlier in the day, Justin and fiancee Hailey Baldwin, 21, made headlines by heading to a New York courthouse to reportedly apply for a marriage license. The two reportedly applied for the legal paperwork that will allow them to become husband and wife according to TMZ. The site reported that ”Several eyewitnesses say the 2 were inside the Marriage Bureau in NYC and Justin was emotional.  The eyewitnesses say he was crying and at one point said to his fiancee, ‘I can’t wait to marry you, baby.” In New York, the license is good for 60 days so that means the pair could wed within the next two months.

The couple has a big cheerleader in pal Kendall Jenner, 22. She appeared on The Tonight Show just one week prior on Sept. 6 and gushed over how happy she was for the couple after their whirlwind romance turned into a future marriage. “Whatever makes them happy, I’m happy,” she told Jimmy. “I’ve been friends with both of them for a very long time. Everybody’s happy, so it makes me happy.”

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