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Harrison Ford: Ahead of arriving in Dubai for the emirate’s World Government Summit, Harrison Ford gave a frank apocalyptic climate change warning in a video message. “Our planet, the only home we’ve got, is suffering. This is the bare truth. This is our reality. It’s up to you and me to act, now, to face the greatest moral crisis of our time,” the ‘Star Wars’ actor said. “To take action. It is time to make a difference. It affects you.”
On Tuesday, February 12, Ford will be speaking at the Future of Our Oceans plenary session.
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Leonardo DiCaprio: Perhaps one of the most famous celebrity climate-change activists, his Instagram bio reads, “Actor and Environmentalist” – indicating that he values the two equally.
‘The Revenant’ star posts about climate change almost daily, most recently sharing a photo of a glacial hole in the Antarctic that is “signalling rapid ice decay that has shocked scientists”.
Far from a recent passion, DiCaprio established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is devoted to environmental awareness, in 1998.
When accepting his Best Actor Oscar in 2016, he said: “Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.
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Emma Thompson: In November last year, UK supermarket Iceland made headlines with a banned Christmas advert, rejected for being “too political”. It was British actor Emma Thompson who voiced the campaign, originally produced by Greenpeace. She claims to have first joined Greenpeace as a child.
Orangutan and rainforest conservation is a cause close to her heart. “For too long, big brands and the palm oil companies they buy from have been getting away with murder – I mean that quite literally,” Thompson said in an article written for Greenpeace. “And for too long our response to orangutans has been, ‘ohhh, the poor things’ as we’re shown photographs of them orphaned, thin and at death’s door. But change is possible – we can make it so.” She also diligently campaigns for arctic environmental issues. Thompson is seen here at an anti-fracking protest. AFP

Dia Mirza: Bollywood star, Dia Mirza, was named the first United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India in 2017.
“I have always advocated the need for sustainable living, to make green and environmental-friendly choices in our day-to-day lives, and for all of us to think about what kind of a world we’re leaving behind for the future generations. It begins with simple choices,” Mirza has said of approachable environmentalism. “Within my home, I have made multiple changes. For example, creating green spaces with a bird-feeding unit to attract birds, butterflies, bees and thereby helping urban ecosystems thrive. I have also replaced plastic with glass and ceramics, and ensure compulsory daily waste segregation.” AFP

Pamela Anderson: Probably better known (now) for her animal rights activism, out-spoken Peta supporter Pamela Anderson is also passionate about marine conservation. In 2015 she become a board of director member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, having been a long-time supporter.
“I have joined Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands to oppose the mass slaughter of pilot whales, and opposed Iceland’s hunting of endangered whales. My goal, and Sea Shepherd’s, is to bring an end to whaling, and I believe that together we can achieve it,” Anderson said at the time. AFP

John Abraham: Teaming up with Garnier, the Indian actor is the face of the Powerlight a Village campaign, which aims to get solar power to villages in India without electricity.
“PowerLight a Village is an amazing and powerful initiative,” he said. “[It’s] an initiative that will help us spread light across hundreds of villages by using natural resources like solar energy. I urge all my fans to get out and make difference and ‘take care’ of not only themselves but the ones around them as well.” Khan

Gisele Bundchen: Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme and supermodel Gisele Bundchen says of environmental issues: “The environment has always been my passion. Mother Earth is our fundamental life-support system, and by becoming aware and responsible now, we can assist in preserving the planet.” Getty Images

Mark Ruffalo: Best known for playing The Hulk, another very green role Mark Ruffalo has taken on is environmental activist.
He is particularly outspoken when it comes to fracking and renewable energy sources. “When I moved to a rural farming community in upstate New York, it happened to be in the middle of the shale gas boom, and I started to hear anecdotal stories from people living there. Life gets really real when you’re talking with people who are struggling for existence,” Ruffalo is quoted as saying. “The poor people in the world are suffering the most from this system [of market-driven energy use]. It’s violent to go into a community and poison them, even if that violence is in slow motion.” Reuters

Shailene Woodley: ‘Big Little Lies’ star, Shailene Woodley, was arrested in October 2016 during a Dakota Access pipeline protest, something she live-streamed on social media at the time.
But it’s not a new interest. Of her life-long environmental interest, she told Interview: “I was an environmentalist in high school, or, I guess, a self-proclaimed environmentalist – and I started reading about the food system in America and how it’s owned by all of these corporations.” Reuters

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