Frankie Grande's Loving Tribute To Ariana's Ex Mac Miller: 'He Was Wonderful To My Sister'

Frankie Grande payed tribute to Mac Miller in a long Instagram message on Sept. 12. He credits his sister’s ex-boyfriend for playing a big role in his own sobriety!

Frankie Grande, 35, is following suit with an Instagram tribute to the late Mac Miller, after his little sister Ariana’s post on Sept. 8. Understandably, Ariana opted out of a caption, keeping her thoughts only between her and her ex-boyfriend of two years for now. But Frankie decided to commemorate the rapper, who died at the age of 26 from an apparent overdose on Sept. 7, with a long message on Sept. 12. “I am beyond heartbroken over Malcolm’s death. He was a good friend and was wonderful to my sister,” the Big Brother star wrote under a black-and-white picture of Mac. “He was the reason I went to the rehabilitation center where I was detoxed safely from all of the drugs alcohol and medications I was taking, when I couldn’t imagine living without them. It was the place where I found the community of support that showed me that living life without drugs was a possibility and I would never have discovered that if it weren’t for Malcolm.”

Frankie is referring to his past addiction with alcohol and prescribed drugs, which he detailed in a letter that People published, after the deadly bombing at his sister’s 2017 concert in Manchester. As Frankie struggled to overcome that dark phase, he reveals it was Mac that acted as his personal cheerleader! “I remember when I would get 30, 60, 90 days clean and Malcom would be there with a gift and a card and words of encouragement…telling me that he knew how hard getting sober is and how impressed he was that I was succeeding,” Frankie’s message continued. Mac admitted that he started doing drugs at the age of 15, which eventually led to his abuse of lean, he shared in a 2013 interview with Noisy.

Towards the end of Frankie’s message, he wrote, “Malcom my friend, you will be dearly missed. and I know you will be looking down on me from heaven, proudAF for every day I live my life clean and sober… 453 days and counting… Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏💖.” You can read the full message below, which also includes Frankie sharing where those suffering addiction can get help. In Mac’s last interview before passing away, he commented on his own relationship with drugs. “If a bunch of people think I am a huge drug addict, OK. Cool. What can I really do? Go talk to all those people and be like ‘Naw man, it’s really not that simple?’” he told Rolling Stone, in an interview published on Aug. 3. “Have I done drugs? Yeah. But am I a drug addict? No.”

As for the official cause of Mac’s death, it has been “deferred pending additional tests,” the Los Angeles Times reported from a statement the coroner’s spokeswoman, Sarah Ardalani, gave the outlet after his autopsy on Sept. 11. Rest in peace, Mac Miller.

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