'Egypt has not refused transfer of Qatar funds to Gaza'

Egyptian authorities have denied reports that they have refused the transfer of Qatari funds to the besieged Gaza Strip, Quds Net News reported yesterday.

According to the local Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds, sources said that Egyptian intelligence officials reiterated during the latest meetings with Hamas and other factions that Cairo does not object to the Qatari funding.

Meanwhile, the sources also noted that Cairo is keen to see the humanitarian situation in Gaza improve as long as this is supervised by the UN.

In the past, the sources stressed, Cairo did not reject passing Qatari money to Gaza; however, it was not carried out through Egypt.

Israeli TV Reshet Kan reported early on Sunday a Palestinian source claiming that Egypt had rejected the entry of the Qatari money to the Gaza Strip, but it might transfer money that had been previously confiscated from Hamas.

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