New magazine will sell Australia to Asia’s millionaires – Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney Morning Herald

“We are quite excited about helping … perhaps mining companies in Australia look for capital in Asia – acting like a bridge to Asia.”: MillionaireAsia founder Brian Yim (right). Photo: Brian Yim is hoping to use print media to create an investment bridge between Australia and other Asian countries. Mr Yim, the founder of MillionaireAsia […]

Tanker Hijackings on the Rise in Southeast Asia – VOA – Voice of America

Tanker Hijackings on the Rise in Southeast Asia – VOA – Voice of America

BANGKOK— Pirates continue to hijack a coastal tanker on the average of once every two weeks to steal their cargo of fuel, according to data released Wednesday by the International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Center. A total of 134 incidents of piracy and armed robbery globally were reported to the center from […]

China says ‘malicious’ Japanese defence review creates tension in Asia-Pacific … – The Guardian

China has described Japan’s annual defence review as misleading and malicious, saying it overplayed the “China military threat” and stoked tensions between the two east Asian powers. Beijing said it reserved the right to a “necessary reaction” after Japan issued a review that called on China to stop building oil and gas exploration platforms close […]

Suicide bomber on motorcycle kills 15 near Afghan market – Reuters

KABUL A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed at least 15 people and wounded 38 near a busy marketplace in northwest Afghanistan on Wednesday, officials said. No one claimed responsibility, but Taliban militants have regularly use suicide bombers to attack Afghan government and foreign troops in the area. The main target was believed to be […]